We help organisations develop winning strategies in the face of uncertain community reaction, policy reform and competitor behaviour.
Our planning processes support organisations to develop their understanding of where they are, where they need to be, what it will look like when they get there, and (very practically) how they are going to get there.

We add value to medium-term planning with a module that builds appreciation of stakeholders’ expectations and the trajectory of public policy developments. IntentMatrix is a tool to guide organisations to find the ‘golden thread’ of logic for social performance, shared value and collective impact investments. We articulate the business benefits in the language of boards and investors to build influence for social performance/sustainability teams and protect the integrity of community investment programs. This module can be delivered in less than three weeks.

Work in social impact and community resilience provides a reasonably robust insight on measurement of social capital or value-added using tools like Social Return on Investment and the open-source Financial Valuation tool. But our uncommon experience in managing high-profile international community partnerships and medical research ethical issues, supports us to go beyond the metric of “reputation” and to relate investments to organisational and brand values and to measurable drivers of community acceptance.

Selection of strategy is informed by implementation challenges. That’s why our suite of strategy services include: change readiness assessments, policy development and support for rollout, customisation of decision-making tools, and tailoring of governance structures.

Our insight, your expertise
Call us when you:

  • wish to review your existing community relations approach to refocus on high-value work and trim costs on least-effective activities
  • need to conduct due diligence on a proponent or contractor’s work program and supporting management systems
  • are bidding an infrastructure project and want to communicate to the client that you have a values-driven approach to managing impacts on community and communicating authentically (or want to confirm that your organisation does, indeed, have a values-driven approach)
  • wish to have expert and objective evaluation of rival bid documents prior to contract award
  • want to put bid document commitments in place from the start of a project and know with some certainty what costs will be involved in execution