We help organisations get things done. We borrow your stakeholder relationships and hand back something more robust.

We view implementation as a cascade of strategy: even if we’ve helped you develop a well-scoped social impact assessment project plan or a concise Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard for social performance, there will be changes along the way and strategic choices to be made. So strong implementation benefits from experience and specialist expertise. It can be leveraged but shouldn’t be left out.

We undertake:

  • Risk assessments
    • Organisations sometime struggle with the difference between a risk assessment and an impact assessment. Sometimes, adaptation of corporate risk tools will assist in overcoming blockages.
  •  Social (including economic, health, cultural and human rights) impact assessments
    • We will usually integrate with the proponent’s environment team – especially where biophysical changes give rise to enviro-cultural or socio-economic impacts.
    • We design and implement social impact assessments including research and analysis, design, implementation, evaluation and reporting.
    • We have managed SIA studies across the world with project teams spread across 15 time zones, and localised consultations where social impacts and associated risk are not immediately apparent.
  •  Consultations
    • We continue to be amazed by the insight provided by stakeholders who best know a place. We have tools for the objective evaluation of this input that set up a feedback processes that is critical to a strengthened relationship.
    • We have conducted consultations with a diverse range of stakeholders including remote and rural communities, Indigenous people, elected officials and government agencies, and representatives of civil and business organisations – often in circumstances of high anxiety and high risk.
    • We design and facilitate public meetings and more creative decision support processes: from national programs, to localised decision-support processes, to simple consultations.
  •  Management systems
    • We can build and run social / community relations soft management systems from scratch (or modify and augment existing) to meet the most exacting international standards
    • We develop specific management system elements such as corporate social responsibility policy, stakeholder engagement standards, local procurement procedures, or stakeholder database record-keeping work instructions.
    • Our approach to policy and standards development is informed by leadership theory and sees us to consult with frontline users as well as policy owners. This bottom-up / top-down approach tends to create buy-in and helps embed the desired behaviours.
    • We have developed in-house training programs to raise awareness of the stakeholder environment, roll-out new ways of working with stakeholders, and delivered individual coaching and mentoring support for young external affairs staff in what can be a challenging role. Group change-readiness and training programs utilise tactile gameplay, role play and futures scenario exercises.

Our insight, your expertise
Call us when you:

  • require a project-specific complaints management procedure or grievance management system
  • need to embed (or cross-train) a team to manage community relations and know they will have processes and tools to make them effective as well as cost-efficient
  • communicate how engagement activities are influencing design, keep people informed, and disclose environmental and social performance