Communication & Reporting

We are not a public relations firm but without appropriate communication, it is difficult to sustain an improvement in social performance. We are skilled in developing communications in the context of conversations about change and structured stakeholder engagement processes.

We are experienced in working with international stakeholder engagement standards and guidelines to develop public consultation and disclosure plans. The communication element of such stakeholder engagement plans focus on:

  • developing an awareness of and validating the decision problem
  • recruiting participation in an engagement process
  • soliciting appropriate input at key stages
  • reflecting back to participants how that input was understood
  • accounting for input by demonstrating how it has been considered and how it has influenced the decision at hand
  • communicating what decision has been made and how success will be monitored / evaluated

The communication pieces we produce are accessible and meaningful for all stakeholders and our reporting (both verbal and written) is material, concise, and convenient for the target audience to digest.

Key communication services are:

  • Stakeholder identification
  • Stakeholder engagement planning and implementation
  • Conduct of materiality assessment to inform communication programs
  • Reporting of social performance outcomes include data capture, storage and topical release of performance data
  • Assurance reporting to AA1000 and other sustainability standards

Our insight, your expertise

Call us when you:

  • need to develop a Public Consultation and Disclosure Plan or a stakeholder engagement plan
  • need crisp, plain-English copy that makes environmental science and technical engineering concepts accessible to the general public
  • think an independent facilitator may add value to a decision-making process or build trust with external stakeholders
  • have come to an impasse internally about the role of brand and how best to communicate social investment initiatives
Licensed AA1000 assurance provider