Sociometry specialises in community consultation, socio-cultural impact assessment and social performance management.

Strategy and planning

Looking to stress-test your existing permitting, community investment or stakeholder engagement approach or establish a strategy for a completely new undertaking? We help organisations set up to develop a position of trust that is resilient when tested with controversy. We bring practical experience of project construction, operation and decommissioning to social impact planning and due diligence tasks. We back that with academic rigour in change management, sustainable corporate performance, economics and communications theory.


Have a strong environment team but need sociocultural expertise in impact assessment? Do you need to reset a relationship with a key stakeholder? We conduct social risk due diligence and social impact assessments (always preferring to integrate into an environment, health and social assessment) that focus on material issues. We develop practical and realistically-costed management plans. We also build and augment management systems for community relations, collective impact programs, impact monitoring and social performance reporting. more…


Want to test if environmental and social management routines will meet project financiers’ standards? Or group level policies? Want to validate an issues register discretely with the perceptions of key stakeholders? We can provide objective assurance that implementation is meeting the strategic intent effectively and resource-efficiently.

Communication and reporting

We are skilled in developing communications in the context of conversations about change and structured stakeholder engagement processes. We are experienced in working with international stakeholder engagement standards and guidelines to develop public consultation and disclosure plans. more…