About Us

We work by putting together project-specific teams of associates in a way that leverages leading international experience and local knowledge. We prefer to plug-in to the owner’s team and share control and responsibility.

Which is why not every job is for us, and we might not be the right consultancy for your project. We have diagnostic routines that can help us both make such an assessment.

We don’t judge our productivity by the weight of reports but in tangible organisational achievements that always include building capacity in the people around us.

For example, we are adept at developing robust and streamlined stakeholder engagement, risk communication, and impact management processes early in a project lifecycle that can be operated with fewer resources as a project progresses. We can’t do this without developing your people to operate (and further develop) such systems. Our way of working means innovating faster than our competitors and in that sense, we openly share our models and tools with our clients.

But we won’t abandon you. We provide services in periodic assurance and don’t take on projects unless we have the depth of local networks in a location to help you through unforeseen events.